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Macintosh Data Recovery Software

  • Recover Macintosh is an advanced software for Mac OS X and above operating systems (including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)
  • Competently recover deleted, lost or missing files from variety of storage drives including hard drives, USB hard drive, iPods, camera memory cards, etc
  • Its Universal Binary application compatible with Mac hard drives built on both Intel and PowerPC platforms
  • Recover Macintosh has powerful scan engine to quickly scan Mac HDD and safely restore deleted, lost and missing volumes from Apple Macintosh machine
  • Highly advanced tool to restore files from crashed volumes on iMac, iBook, Notebook and Mac Book

How to retrieve deleted or lost data on a Mac OS X???

You need not have to worry, if you are troubled by the loss of valuable data from Mac hard drive!!! Recovering your lost or deleted files is made extremely simple by using Recover Macintosh software.This application is highly reviewed, appreciated and suggested by most of the industry experts to get back data from Macintosh computers after an unfortunate data loss.

What can be the possible causes for loss of files from Macintosh?

There are several circumstances under which your file may suddenly get deleted or lost from Macintosh hard drives or external storage drive. You can find number of data loss scenarios based on the type of your file and the storage drive on which they are stored. Here are few data loss cases, which are as mentioned below:

Common file deletion and lost scenarios:

  • Files emptied from Trash: When you have emptied the Trash on your Mac completely without checking/taking backup of your important files, you end up losing vital data along with the unwanted files.
  • Power surge and abrupt system shut down: Your files may get corrupted/damaged under continuous power surge situation or when your system gets abruptly shut down at the time when your file is in active mode or at the time when you are transferring a particular file from one storage device to another. This can affect the structure of the file due to which it becomes damaged and refuses to open.
  • Formatting volumes: There are chances of you accidentally formatting volumes containing crucial data on Mac hard drive rather than intended partition during OS re-installation, re-formatting or re-partitioning hard drive.

Scenarios related to deletion of multimedia files i.e. photo, audio and video files:

  • Media files loss during transfer: Most of the times errors that you may encounter during the transfer of files from memory card to Mac system can lead to loss of priceless media files. It can happen when you suddenly pull out the memory card from card reader/camera, switch off the camera or because of power failures while transferring media files.
  • iPhoto library corruption: iPhoto library gets corrupted due to synchronization error, human errors or virus attack. Once your iPhoto library gets corrupted, your stored file will become inaccessible. This inaccessibility will results in data loss.
  • Accidental formatting of the memory card on the Mac machine: You may lose your important files forever if you unintentionally format your memory card on your system. Your memory card gets accidentally formatted when you by mistakenly click on format option instead of eject option.

Other reasons responsible for deletion of media files are:

  • Loss of media files due to memory card corruption
  • Inadvertently deleting of photos, audio and video files using Command+ Delete button
  • Using third party utilities for editing, modifying and re-creating media files
  • Switching off the camera or camcorders during transfer of files

Then what can lead to deletion or loss of files from volumes on Macintosh?

  • Catalogue file corruption: Catalogue files are the important element of file management system of Macintosh machine. Their nodes are mainly used to access the information stored in files and folders. So if the node of a particular catalogue file gets corrupted due to any reason then certain important information cannot be accessed resulting in data loss.
  • Volume header corruption: If you have edited the header of your Mac volume manually or by using any third party volume header editing software, then there are chances that your stored files may get corrupted leading to severe data loss.
  • Apple Partition Map corruption results in loss of files: Apple Partition Map is a partitioning scheme used by Mac Operating System. Usually, pre-Intel Mac computers have Apple Partition Map which contains information such as the storage location of volumes, number of volumes and size of those volumes etc. In the event of Apple Map partition corruption, your critical files may disappear from volumes of Mac hard drive.

To all the above mentioned data loss scenarios, Recover Macintosh software is a complete solution that is capable of recovering files from Macintosh hard drive after using Command + Delete keys, third party application, formatting or corruption of Mac volumes and so on. If you end up with huge loss of data due to formatting hard drives without proper backup then with the help of professional data recovery program, it is simple to restore data from formatted hard drives before overwriting, refer here for additional details.

What are the immediate precautions to be taken in this context?

Besides recovering deleted or lost data by using this Mac data recovery software, there are some important measures that you must take before using the software. They are:

  • Avoid using the volume or external storage drive from where you have lost or deleted for performing further Read/Write operations, because it can reduce the data recovery possibilities and hence increases the chances of permanent loss of data.
  • Never save the recovered data into the same volume from where you have lost it as it overwrites the data.
  • In severe cases, download and install the Recover Macintosh software onto another Mac system. Later connect a hard drive/external drive from which you have lost data as a slave drive to that system. Launch the software and start your data recovery process without facing any obstacles.

Why to use Recover Macintosh software?

  • Recover Macintosh quickly and efficiently recover data from Mac OS X volumes even when unbootable Mac hard drive
  • Recover Macintosh software can retrieve variety of file types from different storage drives based on their unique signatures.
  • It has potential to recover files from SATA/ SCSI/ IDE hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire Drives, etc on Macintosh computer.
  • You can unerase photos, RAW images, videos and music files from variety of iPods (iPod Shuffle, Mini, Classic and Nano) and flash memory cards including SD card, XD card, CF card, MMC, Memory Stick.
  • Special built-in algorithms helps to recover data from deleted, lost/ missing, formatted/reformatted and corrupted Mac volumes
  • Powerful identification ability helps to restore files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes on Macintosh HDD
  • It is read-only and non-destructive Recover Macintosh software, which does not cause any damage to the structure of the source file during the data recovery process.

Recent Updates

Memory Chip Rescue on Macintosh: It turn to be very disappointing when you lost your favorite media files from memory chip while using it regularly for entertainment. Whatever the reason behind making the chip file corrupted, you need an effective mechanism to make the chip files accessible again, read more about it on this page: http://www.recovermacintosh.com/memory-chip-rescue.html. For this purpose, you can use the updated version of Recover Macintosh software as it encapsulated with advanced scanning algorithms to make it too easy.

Macintosh Time Capsule Rescue: On Mac computers, you can maintain back up of data automatically by using Time Capsule. However, there is also little chances of data loss while using Time machine backup utility. To resolve such data loss problem from external Mac devices, you can employ advanced version of Recover Macintosh software. To know more about data recovery from Time Capsule, check out the link http://www.recovermacintosh.com/time-capsule-rescue.html

Macintosh Videos Undeleter: Macintosh recovery software become more prominent application that helps to recover videos on Mac computer. It is equiped with advanced algorithms to restore different types of video files captured by various digital cameras.

What is the procedure to recover Macintosh data using this software?

  • Download the demo version of Recover Macintosh software to recover Macintosh and install it to your Mac computer. After launching the software click on “Recover Volumes / Drives” option.

Recover Macintosh - Main Window

  • Once you are done with it, select "Volume Recovery" option in case you want to recover Macintosh data from deleted, lost, missing or corrupted volumes on Mac hard drive. Otherwise select “Formatted / Re-Formatted Recovery” to recover Macintosh data from formatted or re-formatted volumes on Mac HDD. After that you need to select the Mac volume from where you want to restore data. Click on “Next” button after selecting the affected volume.

Recover Macintosh - Select Volume

  • Next the software starts scanning the selected drive for deleted or lost data. Once the scanning procedure is finished, you can view the recovered files and folders using File Types View option

Recover Macintosh - View Recovered Files

Tips to avoid loss of data from Macintosh in future?

  • Always check your Trash before emptying it so that it prevents your valuable data from getting deleted
  • Keep a backup of your important files, to help you out in case if you have deleted/lost your files by mistake
  • Do not use cut and paste commands for moving or transferring file from one storage location to another on Mac system
  • Avoid formatting your memory card on Macintosh machine, until and unless it is require. This is because, it has been observed that the files could not be written to the memory card by the camera when the flash memory card was formatted elsewhere
  • Do not abruptly removal of memory card/external storage drive in between the file copying process as this can increase the chances of data loss.


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